Angela Arten-Meyer

Angela is 50 years old, married with another crazy for travels, has three children and three dogs.

Her passion for travel started early, while accompanying her father through his work travels in South America. At 15 she did her first big Europe and Africa trip, and after that, there was no way to stop her.

She lives with her family in Germany, and is proud to say that she knows more than 600 cities in her home country (really, no kidding…)!

When she travels through Germany or other countries and continents, tries to know and explore every little piece of the cities, so she can offer later a perfect itinerary to her customers. Travel for her is a big adventure!

Ana Arten-Meyer

Ana is Angela’s daughter, she is 22 years old, has one dog (a Siberian Husky, which counts for at least three…) and inherited the travel-genes from her parents.

Her “travel-life” began at 13 when the family moved to Germany. From this point on, almost every weekend was used to travel through German cities, and the big holidays were spent somewhere else in Europe.

Following her mother footsteps, she has turned travel into a career.

That is why she works at “Traveler’s Whispers”, and also studies Tourism Management at a German University.